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We March by Shane W. Evans

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 We March written and illustrated by Shane W. Evans

We March written and illustrated by Shane W. Evans

I find myself constantly thinking “How can I be a good ally? What can I do to change the status quo and how can I teach my children to be good allies? To be better than me?” I often find myself not saying anything because I don’t want to make this about me, I don’t want to co-op people of colour's pain and outrage, I want to raise their voices not my own, but understanding all of this can sometimes lead me to silence. Fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of causing pain and hurt to someone makes me behave in an unhelpful way. I’m learning my silence isn’t helping. I've learned that sometimes we have to speak out or we remain part of the problem. 


So this book review is a special one. The hate and oppression directed at people of colour can seem relentless...Grenfell Tower Fire, Charlottesville and most recently Munroe Bergdorf being fired for speaking out about our inherently racist society. How can we as white people understand our privilege and help our children to understand?


I truly believe we can use books as the tools for change. We March by Shane W. Evans is one such book. It is written simply using short sentences with beautiful illustrations. It can be enjoyed by children of all ages and it tells the story of coming together as a people and marching for what we believe in. To fight injustice. To march for freedom and for true equality. 


For older children there is an extended story of marches that have taken place in America for jobs and for freedom. Legislation that has been introduced and Acts that have been created because people stood together and said enough is enough. 


If you are constantly searching for ways to make your children understand the world they are living in, great! Welcome to the club! If you are wondering how to introduce these complex issues in a gentle way so that they may begin to understand, to have compassion and to learn, me too! We March by Shane W, Evans is one book that will help you do this and you should make part of your bed time routine now.